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Who are our drivers?

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  • Authorised

    Mondo only works with drivers who are legally allowed to work as taxi drivers and who comply with all the local regulations, as well as our high quality and professional standards.

  • Passion

    We only want to work with the best drivers who really want to work with us too. And they must have a passion to provide a good service to their customers. They must care about their car’s appearance and, most importantly, about their customers.

  • Rated by you, the customer

    We encourage each user to leave a rating for every ride he takes, be it good or bad. These reviews help us and other users filter the best drivers from the pack. It increases the quality of the service since the driver strives to get better reviews., and thus, more customers.

  • High Standards

    Our standards of work are very high. If a driver says he will be at your address in 5 minutes, he must be there in that time, with a margin of error of seconds. We constantly monitor in real time where our drivers are and how long they take to get to your address. If they are late over 1 minute, they get penalized. This means that you can count on Mondo to get you a ride on time, every time.

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