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  • Great Business

    The taxi order business is a great business: demand for taxis is high even in the worst economic times and our technology makes satisfying this demand as easy as possible for both clients and drivers. Smartphone adoption is constantly on the rise so it makes sense that most people will order a taxi via their internet data connections in the near future. We are well positioned to take advantage of the current demand for taxis and the shift to smarphones and always on data connections.

  • Are you right for us?

    We are looking for partners who are interested in working with us long term and our standards of work are very high. So we need partners who are willing to work with as at these standards, with a mission to build a business and service that is outstanding in any market.

    Our partners usually fit ONE (or a combination) of the following criteria, but don’t let this list discourage you from contacting us if you want to work together:

    - You have good local knowledge of the taxi business

    - You own a taxi company and want to provide a better way for your customers to order your cars

    - You are an investor interested in a high-margin business with great returns

    - You represent a mobile network operator interested in expanding your portfolio of apps and further engaging with your users

    - You are an entrepreneur interested in IT and want to bring this service to a market

    - You are passionate about making the world a little bit easier and better for millions of users

  • What we offer:

    - Scalable Technology: our technology is among the best in the industry and it was developed with scalability in mind for our apps, servers and backends. Wherever you are in the world, we can instantly turn features on and off directly from the server, for specific markets. The result is a highly customised taxi ordering app that is just right for your market.

    - Know How: having launched a taxi ordering app in four countries so far and after processing over four million orders in the past two years, our team has the experience and will to take on any new market that has a big enough potential.

    -100% Involvement: we will fully set up the business in your city or country, training the employees until a team is in place and can take over the running of the local operation. Even after this, the co-ordination of this team will be handled from our HQ with regular inspection visits.

    - Revenue Share: we split the revenues we receive from the taxi orders. This can amount to be a very good business very quickly depending on the potential in your city.

    - Exclusivity: we only work with one partner per city or country, depending on the agreement. Still, if you are interested in becoming a part of our success, let us know and we will see how we can work together.

    - Branding: our app has one name and image across all markets and we never white-label our technology. The more markets we launch, the greater the brand and the more all of our partners benefit.

    - Speed: we can set up the business in a few weeks in any city. We are much faster than our competitors due to our business model, in an industry where speed is a big advantage.

  • What we need:

    We don’t need much from our partners, usually a good understanding of the local market and a desire to succeed can lead to a success. The following help tremendously too:

    - Great marketing power – among the best to have

    - Financial power – the best to have

    - Relationships to local investors, mobile operators and government

    - Access to a lot of consumers, maybe through the services you provide

    - Passion and willingness to succeed – among the best to have.

    - A good local brand and image

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